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Just saw that they had a new video, so I wanted to post and share it as we enjoy what they do!

All I can say is that they really helped us! Not on this site, but our other sites. This site is really more for fun and not where I intend to spend a lot of money. You can read the article we wrote up on them on the home page.

My Experience with Search Engine Marketing Companies

Oregon Web Solutions SEO

How to choose an SEO Company

The world wide web is a strange place.  It seems the second you have something figured out everything changes.  Since I am a web designer I wanted to talk a little bit about my experience with search engine marketing companies.  The 2011  update that changed the game was Google Panda.  In 2012 the Google Penguin update changed the game again!  Now in 2015 the Pigeon update required all websites be mobile friendly and putting a bigger focus on local search optimization.  When the update went live this year if your website was not “mobile friendly” you were apparently penalized by the Google search engine.  I have never been a huge fan of the “mobile versions” of websites because they are usually less detailed then the computer version.  I have an iPhone and actually prefer the full version of the website and just zooming in on the area I need.

I have done a lot of web design for clients over the years and have learned a lot about what it takes for a site to rank in Google.  The truth is most web designers know nothing about search engine optimization and are basically just designers.  That’s why it is important to hire someone specialized in ranking your website if you want to get good results.  For my last web design project we used a company out of Portland called Oregon Web Solutions that did a great job with our SEO.  They were able to help us set up Local Business Citations, link all social media accounts, build anchor text links, analyze keyword density, build high PR backlinks, submit our website and articles to bookmarking services, and create social signals.  The results were not instant, but we noticed a big increase in traffic after 2-3 months from using their service.

The other critical thing I have noticed about web design is people neglect the user experience aspect of their site.  What I mean by this is you can have a great web design that searches well, but it must also be a good experience for the person who uses it.  I set up site that try to strike a balance between good looks and functionality.  Back in the day when the web design program Flash was really popular with designs I noticed tons of people rolling out flashy new sites.  The problem was originally this program was not mobile friendly so a user accessing your website from a mobile device would have limited functionality.  How do you think their user experience was?  The website looked really cool on a computer but failed to even function from a mobile device.  This is the problem I see with people who focus on aesthetics instead of functionality.  In conclusion, If you want to be competitive niche your going to need a search engine optimization company like to help you out.  This company is highly recommended by me as I got good results!


Welcome To Dodgrr – Our Personal Blog Site

picture of inspirational-quotes-sunset- welcome to dodgrr

Welcome To Dodgrr

We are excited to have you and be here. Haven’t you ever just wanted a place to talk about anything without restrictions? Ya, that is this site. Even if you just want to comment on a post that we make, do it! Freedom of thought and speech is great.

We really want to talk about ideas and subjects that push the mind and open new thinking and ideas. This would definitely include law of attraction ( also law of vibration ). It is greatly mis-understood and a man could study it for a lifetime as it is that powerful and diverse. Take Bob Proctor for example, he has been studying the law of attraction and personal development for 54 years! That is a long time and you can be well sure that he knows a thing or two about it. If you have never been to a live seminar or webcast of one of them, do it. It will open your mind to so many ideas and thoughts that may have never occurred to you before. The feeling you are left with is priceless. I had one of his think and grow rich seminars saved over the 3 days. I watched it 7 or 8 times all the way through for weeks. This is how you change your life for the better. You must be willing to put in the effort and work that others won’t. Look at any successful person and you will see the determination and mindset to do whatever it takes. The focus they have is what takes them to the next level. Sometimes we have to eliminate distractions and even friends who pull us away from our goals and purpose. This is not always the easiest thing to do but it is necessary. You must be willing to change your current life to expect different results. I love people who believe they should just be getting different results without changing anything in their life.  Example:

“I want to change my life and make more money, but I’m not willing to give up even an hour of the 3 hours of t.v. I watch every night.” – This was me at one point.

“I want to be Fit and healthy, but I’m not willing to cut back on junk food and McDonald’s.” – I see this a lot.

“I want to be in a great relationship, but I’m not willing to change my life at all, they need to just fit in.” -ha ha ha ha

Ok, those were just a few and I see them all the time. I love people honestly who are overweight eating a big mack that say they wish they could loose weight. Seriously, I think just saying that makes them feel better and justifies it in their mind that they cannot but at least they wish it. Ahhhhhhhhhh, I want to scream! Sorry if that is you, but if you truly want something you have to make sacrifices. This doesn’t mean cut junk food out all together, just start cutting back and adding exercise. Or the alternative, be honest and just say it how it is, your fat and lazy. Brash I know, but if we aren’t honest where we are in life, then how can we expect to move forward. We have ourselves tricked that we are in a good spot when we really are not.

I had better stop there on that subject but you can see some of the creative thinking anyway.

Get read for a whirlwind of thoughts, ideas and reviews. We look forward here at Dodgrr to also hearing your takes as well. Be sure to post and comment.

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